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Behind the Lens

More than a wedding photographer, I see myself as a dad telling stories about little girls living out the day they once dreamed about.


It’s very gratifying to know that my work will become some of the most important possessions in a person’s life. Long after I’m gone, perhaps generations later, these images may be viewed with loved ones remembered and great stories told.


In a world where everyone with a smartphone is a photographer, excelling in the the skills required to be a real wedding photographer is more important than ever. I thrive on the fast pace and chaotic environment of the wedding day with a goal to create photographs worthy of the term art.


And that’s my capture those moments so you can cherish them forever.


Having said that, wedding photos are not always meant to be perfect. A perfect smile does not make the perfect photo. Most of us don’t look great when we cry. But a photo that includes some tears, is perfect. The same with laughter. It perfectly captures the emotion in the moment than can be remembered and relived for a forever.


That’s my goal: To not only capture the smiles, but also catch the moments of laughter and tears.

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