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Prestonwood Country Club is a classic, elegant wedding venue in Cary, NC. The southern country club charm make Prestonwood one of the most sought after venues in the Raleigh area. The dramatic staircase and ballroom chandeliers make a bride’s dream wedding come to life.

Couple in hall at Prestonwood Country Club
Couple in hall at Prestonwood Country Club

I had the opportunity to second shoot for the wedding of Linda + Avi with @heartfirstcreative team of Josh + Leigh Tyndall out of Wilmington. I met them as the photographers of my own daughter’s wedding in 2017.

Avi + Linda’s wedding blended both American and Indian cultures. There was lots of color and great fun with family and friends for this traditional celebration that even included Avi riding in on a white horse.

My daughter was actually on old friend of Linda’s and was a bridesmaid. She participated in multiple days of events and through her, I was able to get special insight into the union of two different cultures.

A team of super vendors managed all the moving parts of a busy day with great precision. So if you’re a bride getting married in the Raleigh area, be sure to check out the team and Prestonwood Country Club.

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